The AmeriFlex Group | Big Box Event
Las Vegas, NV 2021


  • $2500 to be paid out after the referred advisor has been affiliated for 90 days
  • 3.5% of the referred advisor's first 12 months of production is paid out within 30 days after their first anniversary date

Partner Advisor Referral Program (PARP)

As we described in our presentations, our goal is to have 50 new advisors join TAG in 2022. We cannot do it without you. Thank you in advance for your willingness to make introductions to potential advisors! Email [email protected] for any introductions.

2021-2022 Event Calendar - Save the Dates!

2021-2022 Event Calendar
Save the Dates!

  • Advisor Group W Forum: Feb 9-11, 2022 – Austin, TX

  • AssetMark Gold Forum: Feb 23-26, 2022 – Orlando, FL

  • Wealth Management Symposium: May 4-6, 2022 – Grapevine, TX

  • TAG H.N.W. Practice Perfect: May 2022 – Denver, CO

  • Advisor Group Leader’s Summit: Jul 10-14, 2022 – Quebec, Canada

TAG-Specific Investment Overlay Agreement & Schedule A

Feel free to use the new agreement and subsequent Schedule A here (download Schedule A PDF). Thanks to our Senior Staff Committee for creating a scalable process to implement this upgraded form. Contact Marshall Moua for more information at [email protected].

Privacy Waiver – “Authorization to Disclose Customer Information” Best practice alert!

Include 3-4 blank copies of this form to assist you in gathering trusted professionals in your clients’ lives. This form allows you to send client information to a CPA for tax purposes; or an estate planning attorney to update the client’s will or trust. Note: advisor can act as a witness. For a copy, navigate to QuikForms on and search “privacy.” Be sure to keep a copy in your client file.

“To Fee or Not to Fee” – How Competitive Are You?

There was quite a bit of conversation around how each of our partner advisors charge. Set up a time to talk to Hannah Buschbom at [email protected] to help design your own fee schedule. Additionally, each year, this organization publishes a benchmarking study that can assist you when talking to clients about what you charge and allows you to compare yourself to industry standards. Click here to view 2021’s study.

Wealthpoint –Small Business Exit Resource

Feel free to reach out to the Wealthpoint team to assist new or existing businessowner client’s in transitioning out of their businesses successfully! [email protected] or via phone, Phoenix (602-773-5533)/Denver (303-500-3108)

Financial Advocate

Client’s Struggling to Keep TAG, your firm, custodian, SagePoint Straight?

Thanks to our Momentum Financial Partners team for sharing their one-pager on how to describe all the different entities your client’s might interact with! Click here to download their approved marketing piece! [download PDF here]

Video Library

Click here to access a Google Drive with our Partner Advisor Interviews, Tech Demo’s, and customizable AmeriFlex Premier shown during our presentations.

COI Resources – Tracking Spreadsheet and Introduction Letter

Hannah shared a few resources to deepen relationships with centers of influence. Click here to download a copy COI tracker with the scoring tool.

Additionally, she referenced a letter that you can customize to make introductions to new COIs. Click here to download the PDF. (download here)

Have an Idea or Looking for a Best Practice?

All of our TAG Committees are on Slack (our internal messaging system) and would love to hear from you. Let [email protected] know if you need help navigating Slack!

Presentation Copies?

Looking for a copy of a presentation. Feel free to email Stacy at [email protected] for any of the slides presented at Big Box.